After The Great Minds Meeting – 05/09/2016


Great Minds Meeting 2016

The Great Minds Meeting was a success! It has been an inspiring day for all 260 attendees. Thanks to the help of our fantastic partners and volunteers. During the day, besides jumping around on skippyballs and having a great lunch, inspirational sessions on the theme ‘Resilience’ could be followed. For example, Peter Merry talked about ‘My and our leadership transformation’ and Sofie de Wulf from MasterPeace Mexico explained the concept of ‘Peace Neighbourhoods’.

Furthermore, the MasterPeace passion statement ‘Music above Fighting’ has been proudly uphold, since everybody could listen to the wonderful music of Roel van Velzen, singer/songwriter Anna Fernhout and the Syrian cello player Anas.

At the end of the day, people were challenged to think about a call to action to contribute as a person and as a professional to a resilient society. To inspire people to share their insights in the office at school or at home, we handed out stroopwafels to give away to people who were unable to join the Great Minds Meeting.


Here you’ll find all the beautiful photos taken by Annemiek van der Kuil.

We hope you enjoyed the Great Minds Meeting as much as we did and that you got challenged, motivated and above all; inspired!


Westkanaaldijk 7
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