“Across the growing cultural and religious divisions that threaten our world, a powerful voice of unity and understanding speaks directly to the hearts of all people. That voice is music. Music, has a vital role to play in resolving hostilities between nations, faiths, and ethnic communities. It is our voices and music together than can help heal and bring on a New Day. This is the essence of the MasterPeace Concert as we all celebrate a New day on this momentous occasion UN International day of Peace.” – Dawn Elder (International Talent Adviser to MasterPeace)

Dawn Elder

Dawn Elder is an American Entertainment magnate and celebrated music –media personality, and composer. She is president and CEO of Dawn Elder World Media & Entertainment Enterprises, a US-based production and media/entertainment firm.

Elder is also the founder of the world-renowned International Friendship Festivals and Peace through Music series, which have helped to bridge cultural divides in the United States and abroad.

Elder has produced over a thousand events, concerts and network specials and has worked with some of the most renowned artists in the entertainment industry including Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Santana, Woody Harrelson, Enrique Iglesias, Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Ramone, Don Was, Grover Washington, George Clinton and the PFunk, Beachboys, Don Henley and JD Souther (Eagles), Lady Smith Black Mambazo, Paul Simon, Fela Kuti, Sunny Ade, Crosby Stills & Nash, International artists such as Fairuz, ,Assala, Simon Shaheen, (Cheb)Khaled, Kadim Al Sahir, Wadi Al Safi, Sabbah Fakhri, Cheb Mami, Amina, Enzo Avitabile, Mayssa Karaa, Marcus Nand, Enzo Avitabile to name a few.

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