MasterPeace Almere, The Netherlands


Hi! We are MasterPeace club 036 located in Almere, The Netherlands.

Our club’s mission is to increase the cohesion in Almere and its surroundings. We place a great importance on building bridges between communities as a way to educate ourselves and therefore start the dialogue. MasterPeace 036 is a part of JVSA, which is a platform for youngsters in Almere who feel responsible for the situation in their city.

JVSA is involved in many projects that battle vandalism, inform parents about drug and alcohol usage among youth, support talent development and several activities whereby the emphasis is placed on starting a dialogue.

The team in Almere has already been in the headlines of local newspapers. On the International Day of Peace we performed a flashmob together with a mime-player who approached people with peace, love and a rose. Our team consist of people from different backgrounds and skills. We have members who are highly skilled in IT, others are active in the field of social work, music/media and a arts.


MasterPeace 036 wants to spread the movement in their city, as there are so many youngsters who are not living up to their full potential. Therefore the team believes that MasterPeace is a wonderful platform that connects talent development with peace building. Also, the MasterPeace movement is a great way to get to know other MasterPeace members from all around the word and different walks of life. We hope to enlarge our scope in Almere and to welcome diligent NELSONS to our team.

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