MasterPeace club Netherlands


Welcome to the site of MasterPeace the Netherlands! We are one of the 45 MasterPeace Clubs that actively contribute to a more sustainable world with less conflict. The Club in the Netherlands consists of several local teams that, each in their own way, actively contribute to the social cohesion in the Netherlands. This Club builds on the idea that peace building is a verb, and that even countries ‘at peace’ should invest in preserving that peace.

Unfortunately, the Netherlands is a country that has been suffering from internal conflicts as well: debates concerning Black Pete or the recent inflow of multitudes of refugees have shown a rising fear of terrorism and an increase in (racial) discrimination and xenophobia. Fortunately, we witness an increasing engagement to solve these social issues as well! The Netherlands is a country of diversity, and we should be proud of that. We believe that we can properly live together in mutual respect and by learning from each other.

Conflicts come in many shapes. As a society with many (cultural) differences we should be able to see each other as a value instead of a burden. This is the time of civil engagement and local initiatives, working on social issues from the bottom up. Every small step makes a difference! Let’s be an example to other countries and show that countries outside of conflict zones can build peace too.

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Objectives Club the Netherlands:

  1. To contribute to the social cohesion in the Netherlands and stimulate local dialogue by organising grassroots initiatives.
  2. To encourage people to actively contribute to MasterPeace.
  3. To build an organic network of Nelsons in the Netherlands and to exchange knowledge, within and beyond borders.
  4. To create awareness about the possibilities to become an active world citizen.


A team is part of the overall MasterPeace Club. Teams are self-sufficient and independent, and work on local issues in the way that suits them. They organize their own activities, but come together every three months during MasterPeace Meetings. Here, the teams share experiences, discuss new events and keep track of new developments. Furthermore, specific trainings will be held to ensure both personal and Club development.


The teams organize activities that are in line with the key values of MasterPeace: positivity, co-creation, autonomy and walk your talk. This means that we think in possibilities (not impossibilities), are impartial and work together with different communities and local organisations. We also build on the idea that everybody strives for self-development and has the agency to take charge of their lives. Furthermore, we encourage people to actively stand for what they believe in. Via sport, the arts, music and dialogue we hope to inspire people, make them aware of their part in the world and activate them to be a change-maker.


Do you want to put your energy and talent to good use? Do you want to contribute to a more peaceful world? Be part of a global movement, just in reach of thousands of change-makers all over the world? Join MasterPeace the Netherlands and be part of this great Club!