MasterPeace Great Minds Meeting 2019

Feel Free…

Our 6th Great Minds Meeting will be held on the 9th of September this year.
We are all living in interesting but challenging times. During our first brainstorm for this GMM just
200 meters away from our office 3 people were killed in the tram that we also use daily. We are fragile and can be strong as we face complex matters

The news tells us that the shift in global powers is also influencing our private and professional lives.
Europe faces populism and polarization. The Dutch “Sociaal Cultureel Planbureau” shows in their
quarterly report that the top 2 issues to the Dutch people is how we “inter- act and behave” in our
society and how we cope with migration and immigration. Polarized views are enlarged and hyped by
social media.

We invite you to inspire and be inspired with appr. 200 great people from a wide variety of
backgrounds. Freedom is not the absence of war. What is freedom to you. When do you stand up for your dreams and ideas. How do you respect and ACT in a challenged society.
We hope to trigger you on your values, identity and acting.

The program:

10.30 – 11.00  ➤  Welcome
11.00 – 12.30  ➤  Feel free – in Europe, The Netherlands and in your community
12.30 – 13.30  ➤  Reflect on dimensions of freedom in interactive sessions including lunch
13.30 – 15.15  ➤  Express; inspired by various artists
15.15 – 15.45  ➤  Break
15.45 – 16.15  ➤  Plenary storytelling
16.15 – 17.15  ➤  Celebrate to Feel free

Venue: Buitenplaats Kameryck; Oortjespad 3 Kamerik

Cost: Euro 100,-
Registration; as of the 23rd of May you can register online via this website