MasterPeace Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Hi there! We are MasterPeace team Nijmegen. We are a small, but ambitious group of students and young professionals who want to contribute to more intercultural understanding and connection in the region of Nijmegen. We believe that awareness is the first step towards mutual understanding and active citizenship- we therefore are committed to education, both outside and inside the educational system.

MasterPeace Nijmegen believes that awareness and tolerance should be cultivated at a young age. Awareness on how you relate to yourself and the world, on what kind of prejudices and assumptions you have embodied and naturalized, is a condition to mutual respect.

 Our main objectives are:

  • To organize events that advance social cohesion, relating to understanding, connectivity and global citizenship and to act according to MasterPeace’s key values: positivity, co-creation, autonomy and ‘walk your talk’.
  • To motivate and inspire students and other inhabitants of Nijmegen to donate their energy and talents to a social use.
  • To contribute and increase the tolerant (and green) image of Nijmegen.

Long term projects:

Together with the Huiskamer of the Student Chaplaincy in Nijmegen, MasterPeace Nijmegen organises the event Bread Above Bombs, a dinner event which takes place once every two months. This dinner follows the idea that food connects people: as a ritual that is part of everyday life, and through the experiences involved in cooking. Cooking with other involves exchanging recipes, knowledge and stories. The dinner will be followed by a programme based around a changing theme- we watch documentaries, do workshops or have debates on current social issues.

We develop, among others, workshops that are related to the passion statements of MasterPeace: Music Above Fighting, Dialogue Above Judgment, Bread Above Bombs and Creation Above Destruction. These workshops focus on rap (Music Above Fighting), street art (Creation Above Destruction), dialogue (Dialogue Above Judgment) and cooking (Bread Above Bombs). By working together with likeminded parties and organisations, we hope to learn from each other and bring active citizenship in Nijmegen and elsewhere to a higher level.



MasterPeace Nijmegen at CISV International as Like Minded Organisation.