MasterPeace Walk Georgia 2020

A 6 days PEACE WALK in the beautiful Adjara area in Georgia, which is blessed with natural beauty, unique topography, and heart-warming colorful people.

“Georgia is famous for its hospitality and generosity. Georgian wisdom says, “a guest is the God-sent”, thus, MasterPeace Georgia and our friendly team invites you on the first-ever MasterPeace Georgia Walk, which will take place in the mountainous Adjara region.” – Giorgi Azariashvili Clubleader MasterPeace Georgia

In 2020 our MasterPeace Club Georgia will host the 1st edition of the MasterPeace Walk in Georgia. A group of 20 westerners together with 20 local Georgians will walk for 6 days in the beautiful nature of the Adjara area near to the Caucasus mountain range.

In this unique experience, participants will learn from nature and culture and gain new insights into their personal leadership. We thank Giorgi Azariashvili and his team for making this happen in cooperation with our Dutch facilitators Marcella Bos and Mark Stienen.

The MasterPeace Foundation highly values the MasterPeace Walk as it builds bridges between cultures, adds value to the local community and helps to build a strong MasterPeace network. Not to mention the personal impact for each and every participant and all the local Georgian people involved. Here you can find a video impression for the MasterPeace Walks in Nepal 2018 and for Kenya in 2014 here. From 2014 onwards MasterPeace was involved in 4 Walks in Kenya/Masai land and 3 Walks in Nepal.

“This trip was a gift: to feel so at home in a group of Nepali and Dutch people, to be challenged physically while feeling so free mentally and to come home feeling humbled, inspired and with a sense of calm that I hope to carry with me for a long time.” 

Hannelies Bögemann

“If you want to learn about yourself, about leadership, about connecting multi-cultural in a way that is life-changing, go for a Masterpeace walk!” 

Christl Fillie

“Do you want to learn from yourself in another culture in a really short time, being among others without the feeling that you have to do something, with stunning views, in nature, being actively experiencing the surroundings? Then join the next MPW in Nepal, just like I did. I have learned a lot and I liked being away from my daily routine without thinking about it for a second. It is amazing. It’s a big present from yourself, for yourself. Just do it. I am really thankful for this wonderful experience!”

-Heidi Los

“This walk is not just a walk. The MasterPeaceWalk is more than you can imagine. You need to be involved and after experiencing you can feel it. During the walk you are thinking about life, about the meaning of nature and humans, thinking what is happiness and how amazing our planet is. Just join.”

-Giorgi Azariashvili

“Een prachtige ervaring die me als mens heeft doen groeien. Dank daarvoor! A wonderful experience, it brought me personal growth. Thank you for that!”

-Kira Noomen

“When I think about foreign countries it feels like WOW and far away in every aspect. But after participating in this walk I realize there are no boundaries for pursuing your dreams no matter wherever you are. I got the opportunity to learn many new things during this walk.”

-Durga Lama


Why join?

  • Disconnect from Western civilization
  • Reconnect with nature and yourself
  • Enjoy the company of unique warm-hearted people
  • Walk for 6 days walk in an area of 1000 – 2000 meters altitude
  • Talk and share stories about life, love, and work
  • Enjoy a healthy environment and traditional fresh food
  • Learn about the Georgian tradition, culture, and rituals
  • Discover the work and impact of our local MasterPeace Club
  • Add value to the local community


The 1st MasterPeace Walk Georgia will take place from May 27th until June 6th 2019.