MasterPeaceWalk Nepal – 7-16 november 2018

A 6 days PEACE AND CONSERVATION WALK in the beautiful Dhading area in Nepal which is blessed with natural beauty, unique topography and beautifull hospitable people

With great pleasure we invite you to join us in an unique 10-day experience in Dhading area, Nepal, home-base of our local MasterPeace Club. Dhading area is blessed with natural splendour, colourful culture and inhabited by the indigenous and resilient people of Brahman, Chhetri and Tamang. You will discover and experience their culture and rituals, as for 6 days you will walk, live and sleep in nature together. You will enjoy the company of a group of 40 diverse and colourful people; 20 local nepali and 20 westerners. This journey is a deeper experience in which you will connect, discover and learn from nature, culture and your own personal leadership. Santosh Bidari and his team of MasterPeace Nepal will host this event and invites you to join!

Hannelies Bögemann
“This trip was a gift: to feel so at home in a group of Nepali and Dutch people, to be challenged physically while feeling so free mentally and to come home feeling humbled, inspired and with a sense of calm that I hope to carry with me for a long time.”
Hannelies Bögemann

Why join?

    • Enjoy the company of unique warmhearted people
    • Walk and talk about life and work in challenging times
    • Learn about the Nepalese, Hindi and Buddhist traditions, culture and rituals
    • Discover the work of our local MasterPeace Club
    • Disconnect from western civilization
    • Reconnect with nature and yourself
    • 6 days walk in an area of 1000 – 2000 meters altitude
    • Enjoy a healthy environment and organic food
    • Add value to the local community


The second ever MasterPeace Walk Nepal will take place from November 7th until November 16th 2018.

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Heidi Los
“Do you want to learn from yourself in another culture in a really short time, being among others without the feeling that you have to do something, with stunning views, in nature, being actively experiencing the surroundings? Then join the next MPW in Nepal, just like I did. I have learned a lot and I liked being away from my daily routine without thinking about it for a second. It is amazing. It’s a big present from yourself, for yourself. Just do it. I am really thankful for this wonderful experience!”
Heidi Los

Frank van Vliet
“It was really nice to experience in real life the goals of MasterPeace; Music above fighting; Dialogue above Judgement; Bread above bombs; and creation above destruction. Walking and talking really works on these four goals.”
Frank van Vliet

Nicoline van Straten
“As an experienced traveller I was positively surprised by the Nepal walk. Both nature and Nepalese people were stunning; open, warm, breath-taking and challenging. The walk was a once-in-a-lifetime-experience!”
Nicoline van Straten

Joost Heijnen
“I am extremely grateful for the MasterPeace Walk Nepal experience: it has been a privilege to learn such a great deal about myself by having the beautiful country of Nepal and its people as a mirror and sounding board.”
Joost Heijnen

Santosh Bidari
“I look forward to bring together people regardless cast, faith or cultural background. This PeaceWalk will be a lifetime experience, with Nature and real Happiness at the heart of it.”.
Santosh Bidari Clubleider MasterPeace Nepal

Map of the MasterPeace Walk Nepal