Vacancy Clubs communication and Clubs Coordinator MasterPeace

Are you the passionate communicator and coordinator of MasterPeace clubs in 40 countries?

MasterPeace focuses on actively engaging people around the world in peace-building actions.

Our vision: The world has seven billion inhabitants. We view them as seven billion sources of talent and energy.

Our core values: positivity, impartiality, co creation and walk the talk. We are looking for what connects us , not what separates us.

Our mission:
“Mobilizing talents for a sustainable future with less conflict”

Our focus: 3 types of activities (in 2017 we realized ca 270 projects)

We use music, art and play to mobilize thousands of people
Via dialogues on a local level our teams connect people and define future steps
To create perspective in order to prevent further conflicts

We are a true grassroots movement. Local ownership is key in our vision and support to achieve the ambition of our local change-makers.

Communication and Clubs coordinator

You are end responsible in the coordination to enable clubs to grow in impact and in numbers. Clubs are mostly a local NGO or social enterprise who receive a yearly license. They define their own “roadmap” that include at least 4 projects a year aligned with one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Provide leadership to club teams by building and motivating team members to meet project goals, adhering to their responsibilities and project milestones
Create concepts and campaigns to inspire talents all over the world
Lead regional teams with focus on Middle East and North Africa with global and local partnerships.
Experience in creating and managing partnership with key organizations globally and Middle East such as United Nations Secretariat, United Nations Information Centre, embassies among many others.
Work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment demonstrating teamwork, innovation and excellence. Assist in dispute, negotiation, arbitration or litigation, as needed
Extensive working experience in setting up cultural and media projects in the Middle East with focus on Egypt, Tunisia,Lebanon and Gulf Cooperation Council Experience in managing partnerships and stakeholders between Europe with focus on The Netherlands and The Middle East with focus on Egypt, Tunisia Lebanon and Gulf Cooperation Council
Knowledge management and best practice sharing between the organization and local clubs, and amongst the clubs themselves. Monitor clubs performance and complete performance reviews, and report on it. Establish practices, templates, policies, tools and partnerships to expand and mature these capabilities for the organization
Expanding MasterPeace Clubs in new countries and regions, according to MasterPeace strategic objectives. Issuing licenses for local MasterPeace presence in accordance to MasterPeace code of conduct and criteria to operate locally under the MasterPeace Umbrella as a Club.
Extensive experience in fundraising especially with Gulf Cooperation Council agencies
Monitor, track and control outcomes to resolve issues, conflicts, dependencies and critical path deliverables, creating probation and termination for uncompelling parties.
Highlighting MasterPeace Clubs success stories virtually and physically .
Creating media and PR opportunities and podiums in media outlets and United Nations Conferences through developing award-winning creative PR moments.
Working in media outlets in several parts of the Middle East to set up media relations with focus on Dubai Media City.
Work as investigative journalist covering topics on political and social commentary, focusing on emerging economies and policies in the Middle East

Skills and Competencies

Bachelors degree in Mass Communications and journalism.
+ 8 year experience working in media and communications on a global context with focus on the Middle East
Proven track record of +7 years working in non-profit and grassroots organizations.
Extensive knowledge of Middle East sociopolitical affairs in addition to key stakeholders and partners.
Fluent in English, Arabic and preferably intermediate French
An intriguing combination of empathy and rationale to work across cultural and geographical, with high sensitivity to cultural differences and appreciation to all race, colour, ethnicities, religions, preferences and gender.
Living the values of MasterPeace like positivity, impartiality and walk the talk
Strong leadership, diplomatic and motivational skills including the ability to lead up, across and down multiple projects, details and teams
Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment demonstrating teamwork, innovation and excellence
Self-motivated, decisive, with the ability to adapt to change and competing demands
Proven expertise in media strategy and operation, concepting, communication and journalism
Recognized media personal with awards in media and journalism.
Technically competent with various software programs, with: Excellent skills, in MS Project, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Deadline: 20th Feburary 2018

What we offer

The best job in the world when you want to grow as a person and realize impact on a local and global scale. A global passioned team to work with and access to and support from the network of MasterPeace on leadership and knowledge management.

Curious? call or mail me

Aart Bos

CEO MasterPeace Foundation

mobile: 0031650215864

additional info : On and especially the way we facilitate our clubs is explained in more detail.